Static 13's full length CD debut, eye won't fool i, is now available.
New album, Fear Is Your Friend, to be unleashed August 13, 1998!

In 1995, Static 13 released a two-song demo tape that took the world by storm. In 1996 and 1997, the band attracted the attention of several music industry heavyweights who helped them put together their debut CD "eye won't fool i" For those who like to know the hows and wheres, the basic tracks were all recorded in The Warehouse Recording Studio in midtown Manhattan and the overdubs and mixes were accomplished in the fabulous NY Jam Studios also in Manhattan.

Static 13 and the production team in The Warehouse Studios.
Back, left to right: Ari David, Tony Low, Crunch, Chris Boylan
Front, left to right: Jimmy Ienner, Jr., Neil Jason, Josh Abbey, Billy Eric.
Photo by Dave Lewis

The production team of the first album reads like a Who's Who in the New York Music scene in the eighties and nineties. Two of the album's co-producers and partners in crime, Neil Jason and John McCurry, made their names in the business with their outstanding session work on albums by John Lennon, Roxy Music, Dire Straits, Billy Joel, and the KISS solo projects, among others. John is also a talented songwriter having penned tunes for Julian Lennon and other prominent artists. Jason and McCurry were excited to have found an unsigned group they helped transport to the next level. The Executive Producer for the project, Jimmy Ienner, Jr. (SONY A&R Consultant & Chief Photographer) is particular about working with up-and-coming artists. With STATIC 13, he sees and hears timely talent. Engineer and producer Josh Abbey, whose extensive musical resume includes engineering credits on three Bob Dylan albums as well as albums by Aerosmith and other great bands, came on board in order to guarantee that STATIC 13's recorded work matched their on-stage energy and performance. With the finishing touches added in mastering by Greg Calbi at Masterdisk (who has mastered hundreds of hit albums including U2's Unforgettable Fire, Living Color's Vivid and all of Lenny Kravitz' albums), there's just no stopping this powerhouse album.

eye won't fool i

The gorgeous CD cover and booklet were designed by Jimmy Ienner, Jr. himself with more than a few late night creative brainstorming sessions with the band. Jimmy donated his own original photographic artwork to make sure the CD looks as good as it sounds. For details on how to pick up a copy of your very own, as well as other supercool STATIC 13 merchandise, please see our Static stuff page.

Ari and Paul in the studio recording "Shiverachin" - May, 98

In 1998, STATIC 13 is back in NY JAM working once again with Master of the Studio Josh Abbey on a follow-up album entitled "Fear is Your Friend", which will include several full electric songs, unrelased live cuts recorded at the Elbow Room in Manhattan, plus some acoustic and unplugged tunes, so you can see the lighter side of STATIC 13 too (yes, fans, there is a lighter side of STATIC 13!). The album also includes a killer version of a popular rock song from the seventies, but we won't tell you which one so as not to spoil the surprise. Suffice it to say that IT ROCKS! Look for the new album in stores and on radio stations beginning August 13th, 1998.

Fear Is Your Friend - cover photo by Dave Lewis

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