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Here's a taste of some Static 13 music. Songs are available in streaming RealAudio format and in high quality mp3 format, plus one or two extracts in WAV format. If you don't already have the RealPlayer (version 5.0 or above), you can download it for free from - find the link for "Real Player Basic" to get the free player. You can get a free mp3 player (for your computer) from and lots of other places if you need one.

If you have a modem connection, it may take a while to download some of these files as they're mostly over 500K. Hey, get DSL or cable modem, what are you waiting for?

If you have any trouble playing the mp3 files (like if you get garbage on the screen), then just right-click on the filename and download the file to your machine to play it back.


From the CD Fear is Your Friend - Now Available!

From the CD eye won't fool i:

LIVE from the Elbow Room in Manhattan:

All songs copyright 1996, 1997, 1998 STATIC 13/CBIAH Music/BMI
except Magic Carpet Ride Copyright J. Kaye/R. Moreve (MCA-Duchess Music/Kings Road Music/ASCAP).

Please note that the larger files may take some time to download.
Also, these RealAudio files are optimized for modem speeds of 28.8K baud or higher.
If you don't already have the RealAudio player, you can download it free from RealAudio.
Details and tips on using these audio files are available on the audio formats page.

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