Static on the Radio!

STATIC 13 is invading the airwaves!

Update! October 1998 - STATIC 13's latest CD 'Fear Is Your Friend' is currently getting spins on WAAF 107.3 FM in Worcester, Massachusetts! If you're in the listening radius of this major station, anywhere from Southern Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts to Rhode Island and central Connecticut then please call WAAF at (617)931-1AAF to request STATIC 13!

The new CD hits the college radio airwaves in late October (1998), so tune in to your favorite college station and request some of that STATIC YOU LOVE TO HEAR!

The debut CD eye won't fool i was added to the playlists 650 radio stations across North America! The CD reached Top 30 chart positions on over 40 stations including #1 on WXLV, #1 on KBGA's Loud Rock charts, #3 on KCHU, #3 on WRFW's Loud Rock charts, #4 on WRCM, #4 on WCOT, and #7 on WISU. See Charts page for full details.

Follow the links below to see if STATIC 13 can be found on your radio dial. Please note that some of the phone numbers listed are the business lines of these stations. If you call to request STATIC 13, please ask first if they have a separate request line.

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