"...Turned the club into their own personal Madison Square Garden."
--David Weiss, Manhattan Mirror

Old meets new to define power rock for the next millennium! This New York City-based band combines impassioned lyrics, potent melodies and driving rhythms with heaviness. Built on solid rock, Static 13 shatters the foundation on which they're built into a shower of psyche-avante-delica. Emotional. Descriptive. Melodic. Lyrical. Musical bursts of dynamic energy.

STATIC 13 was born in late 1995 when guitarist Jay Edson (a/k/a 'Crunch'), and his band (then called 'Plutonium') auditioned over 30 singers and came across a rare find -- Ari David, a vocalist with international touring experience, plus strong onstage charisma and superb musical talent. The new band, with Ari at the helm, was christened STATIC 13. Just after their one year anniversary, drummer Chris Boylan (a/k/a 'Animal') joined the band, and was recently aquitted of all charges in the mysterious disappearance of the former drummer. Newest member, Paul Gonçalves was originally a die-hard fan of the band, following them on their east-coast tour and was in the right place at the right time when an opening arose.

In the short time since the band crawled out of the primordial ooze of the New York music scene, STATIC 13 has enjoyed many successes, frequently packing such clubs as The Continental, the Nightingale Bar, the Elbow Room, Rock and Roll Cafe, The Pyramid Club and CBGB in New York City and taking their show on the road from Maine down to North Carolina. The overwhelming crowd response at their recent shows attests to their unstoppable energy onstage and gifted songwriting. Their original two-song demo featuring "Beast" and "Tell Me It's Alright" met with outstanding reviews.

"Static 13 creates a full arena sound that must warp the walls of clubs."
--Joe Del Priore, The Hudson Current

The band released their first full-length album eye won't fool i in 1997, attracting some of the best names in the business to the project (See CD News). This album was added to the playlists of 650 radio stations across the U.S. and Canada charting in the CMJ top 30 on over 40 stations and achieving the coveted #1 spot on 4 stations (see radio page for details). The CD was picked up for North American distribution by Touchwood Distributors and is available in stores across the continent. STATIC 13 is currently working with master of the studio Josh Abbey on their second album, Fear is Your Friend for a Summer '98 street date and has just released their first video! If you haven't seen or heard STATIC 13 yet, you will soon! In the meantime, STATIC 13 has a full lineup of shows planned for the coming months where you too can catch the vibe!

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